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Torah Pointer Yad

There are so many important and beautiful objects that form a part of the Jewish religion and a Torah Pointer or Yad is just one of them. The Forgotten Judaica is a website that is dedicated to the Jewish religion and has a wide range of lovely items to choose from.

A Torah Pointer or Yad is an important object as it allows people to point to words on the Torah scroll. These scrolls are so sacred that they are not supposed to be touched so one of these pointers is essential. The Yad usually has a pointed finger at the end and the version that is available from the Forgotten Judaica website is made from silver and has a lion theme to represent bravery. This website was created by people that have a creative streak and find the Jewish religion fascinating as it has a lot of symbolism and beauty in it. Purchasing one of these pointers from the website means you have a lovely gift to give to a family or an individual. They chose to carve lions into this pointer because it belongs in the hands of a righteous and dutiful individual. If you would like to purchase a Torah Pointer or Yad then you may do so securely from the comfort of your own home and it will be delivered to your address of choice. It is amazing how much details goes into each one of their products and it is this quality that has come to be expected by all of the Forgotten Judaica customers.

Almost all of the products that are available from this site including the Torah Pointer or Yad have been created by taking Jewish symbolism into account. Pomegranates, leaves, sunflowers and rams are just some of the things that have made up this religion over the years. The time that they are portraying is a time of heroes and miracles and each object is meant to bring a sense of protection to its owner. Each item is made from god quality materials so that they can be cherished for years to come. Some of the other products that will be found online are honey spoons, Mezuzahs, carpets, Kiddush cups, Tallis clips and Tzedakah boxes just to name a few. You merely have to be registered on the website to make any purchases and all of your details will always be kept confidential. It is so rare to find an online store that is dedicated to the Jewish religion as well as its sacred holidays and since this religion means a lot to the creators of the products you can be sure that all of their effort will be put into it.

If you would like to buy a Torah Pointer or Yad today then feel free to visit Bring these beautiful products into your home and into the homes of your loved ones today.


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