Forgotten Judaica

Silver Judaica

Judaica is a term used to collectively include any literature, religious icons or other items relating to the Jewish faith. Judaism goes back thousands of years coinciding with the times of the Egyptians, Babylonian and Assyrians; it is one of the world’s oldest faiths. Through time, volumes of written stories, traditions, observances and rituals, posters and figurative objects have been created and passed on as judaica. People collect judaica in all forms of materials either for religious purposes or as a hobby. Forgotten Judaica ( is a store that was borne out of the love and joy three siblings shared for their Jewish faith. It is a store that brings you figurative silver judaica reminiscent of all the rituals and traditions one is taught as a child and later teaches their own children. brings together the beauty of traditional craftsmanship using leaves, vines, sunflowers, pomegranates and many of God’s creations as embellishments with the spirituality that each of these silver judaica hold.

Silver judaica are so ingrained in the rituals and traditions of Jewish celebrations and holidays that they are more than just collected for beauty; they are a direct part of every single Judaic religious ceremony. Silver judaica has been used since the time of the first synagogues and can today be found widespread in synagogues throughout the world and in most homes that practice Judaism. Each holiday and event on the Jewish spiritual calendar uses a different ritualistic object that is created to be a direct part of each and every Jewish celebration. Silver judaica objects come from all around the world such as the spice box from Europe which is used at the end of Sabbath with the ceremony Havdalah. Silver judaica today is designed in the newest artistic works combined with the oldest traditional ritualistic objects to create magnificent pieces of beauty and spirituality.

Forgotten Judaica has a remarkable collection of silver judaica perfect for your home and ideal as gifts for any occasion. These figurative silver judaica pieces have been influenced by the beauty and poignancy of late 18 th, 19 th and early 20 th century art forms bringing together the ancient intricacies of craftsmanship with the modern era of artworks to create visually stunning silver judaica. At you will find every type of judaica you need for each and every Jewish celebration; each piece unique but bringing to life memories of rituals and traditions so loved by all of Jewish faith. Among the different silver judaica, you will find Chanukah Menorah, Honey Spoon, Passover Seder plates, Mezuzahs, Shabbat candlesticks, Shabbat Kiddush cups, spice box/besamin, Star of David necklace, Tallis clips, Torah pointers and Tzedakah box. Each silver judaica is beautifully crafted and can be sent as a gift in lovely gift boxes with a sterling silver FJ button. Purchase silver judaica from and transport yourself to a time when heroes and miracles gave everyone a sense of protection and satisfaction. The figurative judaica invites spirituality and God’s beauty into your home and gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the stories of our traditions and rituals.


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