Forgotten Judaica

Our Story

Our parents cultivated our family's Jewishness through celebration. As a family, we observed the many Jewish holidays that cycle through the year, instilling in me, my sister Laura, and my brother David a love for our rituals and traditions.

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Over the past ten years, the three of us have traveled extensively throughout eastern and central Europe and Israel. A typical day carried us from a Jewish museum, to small synagogues, and eventually to private collections leading us always to the next city and subsequent journeys.

Our search for figurative Judaica from the late 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries revealed beautiful, poignant and sometimes quirky artisan crafted pieces. We could tell they were dearly loved and remembered, wearing the patina of time and use.

Figurative Judaica gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the stories of our traditions, and the memories of their use come alive. The miracle of Chanukah is remembered when we ready the menorah for eight days of lighting candles. Months later we prepare for the Passover Seder, the ceremonial meal that details the Exodus from Egypt. On this night, different from all other nights, we culminate the meal with shared feelings of what it means to live free. Week to week by practicing the rituals of tzedakah and Shabbat, and year to year when we dip apple slices into honey at the New Year, we remember and solidify who we are.

Forgotten Judaica evolved from our neshoma, our spiritual soul. With this collection, we have crystallized our love and enjoyment of Jewish life and its rituals. We dedicate this journey to our mother and father, Hilda and Abe Morrison, who show us the way.

Lisa Van Allsburg    Laura M Babai    David Morrison