Forgotten Judaica

Tzedakah, helping others and performing acts of loving kindness, connects us all to the Jewish concepts of righteousness, charity and justice.

A Tzedakah box is found at home and in the synagogue. Its top is slotted so that coins may be collected. When the box is full, the money is donated to a worthy cause.

We grew up with a blue and white pushke or Tzedakah box in our kitchen. When you felt the jiggle of coins in your pocket, and saw the pushke on the counter, the response was automatic: clink—clank into the Tzedakah box.

The family Tzedakah box nourishes a powerful connection, both personal and spiritual, between the individual and the community.

Hand Tzedakah Box
by Lisa Van Allsburg Modeled by Elyse Hradecky
Cast Bronze
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