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Amezuzah is the Jew's own way of marking his home as a religious safe haven, a place where he can call home, and a home of Jews. Each mezuzah is carefully affixed through a special process to the exterior doorposts of a Jewish home, and sometimes also to the interior doorposts of certain rooms, in order to fulfill the mitzvah that you should inscribe the words of the Shema on the doorposts of your house. There is a special blessing that you need to say when you affix your new mezuzah to your home, as well as a special way to do it.

It is required that you affix yourmezuzah within thirty days of moving into a rental apartment or home if you live outside of Israel, or immediately if you live within the Land of Israel. It is essential that you take care to not damage the parchment or scroll contained within the mezuzah in any way because it will invalidate it immediately. There are a number of different requirements when installing your new mezuzah, such as that you should place it on the right hand side of your door post, in the upper third of the door frame, and within three inches doorway opening.

The parchment inside of your mezuzah contains the words of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:9) which are carefully written by a qualified sofer who has practiced his art of inscribing for many, many years. You do not open your mezuzah, but instead let the words of the Shema protect your home and serve to an indication to others that your home is a happy and devout one. The practice of affixing a mezuzah parchment in a case to your home's doorposts is widely practiced amongst even those Jews who are considered 'non practicing'- it is a symbol of your devotion to God and your pride in your religion.

Forgotten Judaica is a designer company that specializes in producing Judaic elements which are modeled in the traditional Judaic manner - with a focus on beauty and tradition coupled with designer elegance. Replace your old and worn mezuzah with a beautifully designed and valid mezuzah cast from the finest bronze. Choose from a range of beautiful designs, including a replica branch, a dove or a fish and add an artistic touch to your devotional duties. The kosher scroll and protective casing comes with the required blessing as well as instructions on how to affix the whole casing to your doorpost.

Add a touch of designer elegance and honorable tradition to your home when you bless it with the protectivemezuzah blessing. Each design in the Forgotten Judaica catalogue features a straight image with a slanted backing case that protects your scroll at precisely the right angle. Each design has a special religious significance that you can read up about on the Forgotten Judaica website at and learn more about doing things the way that Jews have always done them. Check back often for new products!