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Kiddush Cup

Just like in the many different beliefs and religions, the Jewish followings are rich in tradition and certain rituals are followed throughout the year to commemorate certain occasions. The Kiddush is a special blessing performed to sanctify and bless the Shabbat and Jewish holiday, and a Kiddush cup is used in this ceremony using select wine or grape juices made for the occasion. Kiddush is a blessing that is also recited at Bar mitzvahs, baby christenings, and at weddings for the ritual known as the seven blessings, and the special Kiddush cup is always a vital part of these occasions.

Forgotten Judaica offers you to browse through exquisitely crafted Kiddush cup and other beautiful Jewish like Seder plates, menorahs, and carpets, to give just a few examples of what they have to offer. As with many other traditions, purchasing a Kiddush cup or other select item that is used in celebrating religious rites, it is preferred that they are made by a Jewish member of the community and Forgotten Judaica has been born from the Morrison family who come from a rich, Jewish background, celebrating special traditions in the ways of old. We understand that a Kiddush cup is a treasured item in any Jewish family and many are passed down through the generations. Our Kiddush cup designs and the many other gorgeous products we are proud to offer to the Jewish community celebrates days of old when painstaking care was taken to ensure that everything was manufactured ensuring that tradition was followed in designs that may be lost in today's modern times.

On Jewish holidays, Kiddush is recited before the meal according to the writings in our Torah, but the actual tradition is originated from the Rabbi or Jewish priests. The Kiddush cup is manufactured from a variety of different materials, though the most popular are invariably pure silver, gold, and even china. If you have a family emblem that you would like us to engrave on your Kiddush cup, then we will be pleased to accommodate you and invite you to give us a call to discuss this. Why not have a look at some of our beautiful, Jewish, traditional items that cover all aspects of the celebration of our traditions, and watch the video of David manufacturing delightful Kiddush cups and other gorgeous items. You will see enlarged images of all of these beautiful products, and you can be sure that each of them is a work of art totally original and unique.

David Morrison and Lisa Van Allsburg from Forgotten Judaica celebrate our Jewish community, and using internet technology, allow us to spread our wings to serve the community with all the special items that are a vital part for keeping tradition and worship alive. Whether you seek a Kiddush cup or a set of Shabbat Candlesticks, we know that you will delight in what we can offer you. Contact us by email or call us toll free if you need something special for your family, and we will be delighted to satisfy your needs in every way possible.