Forgotten Judaica

Judaica Sterling Silver

Gifts are quite common in the Jewish religion and it can sometimes be difficult to find a store that caters to these specific holidays. The Forgotten Judaica website however specializes in bronze and sterling silver Judaica gifts and products that you can purchase from home for yourself or a loved one.

Some of the sterling silver Judaica gifts or items will include a chair Menorah for Chanukah which is used to celebrate the festival of light during the winter months. Their honey spoons make a great Bat or Bar Mitzvah gift and their Seder plates are used during an important time which is Passover. If you would like to let everyone who passes your home know that you are a part of the Jewish faith then there are some lovely Mezuzah’s for you to choose from. Shabbat requires the use of candle holders as well as a proper ceremonial Kiddush cup and both of these are readily available online. Spice boxes are another product that is part of the Sabbath and usually contains spices such as cloves, lemon peel and dried cardamom. Jewelry is always a lovely gift and there is a Star of David necklace that is available to be purchased online. Their Torah Pointers have been made with the utmost detail and it truly is an honor to use them in conjunction with the scrolls. Then there is also the Tzedakah box to buy for your home which represent the love and kindness that forms part of the religion. Buying sterling silver Judaica gifts has never been this simple.

The Forgotten Judaica website was created and is maintained by a group of people that love the Jewish religion and have a creative streak when it comes to sterling silver Judaica gifts. They put a large amount of effort into each one of their items and pay attention to even the smallest detail so that you can enjoy the beauty of it and all that it symbolizes. Leaves, sunflowers, pomegranates and rams were just some of the symbols that formed part of the religion and this creative team of experts has made sure that they incorporate it into their gifts. These objects are meant to make the owner feel protected and in touch with the power of the Jewish religion. Only the best materials are used to make these items so that they can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. You simply have to register on the website to be able to make secure purchases online and you can be sure that your details will be seen as strictly confidential. It isn’t everyday that you find a store that is dedicated to the Jewish faith and provide everyone with beautiful, good quality gifts and items.

By visiting you can find sterling silver Judaica gifts for all occasions, for either loved ones or for your own home.



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