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Judaica Art

The Jewish Religion is deeply steeped in tradition and ceremony and is intricately linked to its celebration of faith, lifestyle and history. Forgotten Judaica is a Company that was established by two sisters and a brother, in honor of their Parents, to ensure that Judaica art is accessible to the entire world and also to ensure that the age-old craftsmanship that so beautifully depicts Jewish life and history is not forgotten.

After extensively traveling Israel and Europe in order to find age-old examples of fine Judaica art that has been handed down from generation to generation, Forgotten Judaica brought together an exclusive team of highly skilled artists and sculptors who would lovingly and skillfully recreate these unforgettably beautiful pieces of Judaica art. Together they have a fountain of creativity at their fingertips; from sculpture to silversmithing, ceramics to textiles and a spirit of creating a fine piece of Judaica art that will continue to tell the stories through their art, for generations to come. Fine detail, using much skill and patience, are trademarks of the collection that Forgotten Judaica offers. Each item is a tribute to the artisans of a by-gone era that created this incredibly beautiful and soulful history through Judaica art.

Working in copper, bronze and sterling silver, Forgotten Judaica produces art that emulates the embossed pieces originally made from pewter, tin, copper, bronze and silver. These historical pieces of Judaica art were not only ceremonial items; they portrayed stories of Jewish folklore or used passages from the Torah or Talmud and depicted these on the items. These pieces of Judaica art celebrated the skill of the craftsmen and also the joy and respect for their Religion. Traditionally, the artisans could not depict images of the human form as this was forbidden by law, so they turned to nature and animals using vines, flowers, branches, rams and lions.

Forgotten Judaica has taken this tradition and creates Judaica art that is both stunning and creative that brings to mind the skill of the ancient craftsmen. Each piece is lovingly crafted with expertise and fortitude. Once completed and checked, a wool roll-up is used to parcel your work of art to you, along with the joy that Forgotten Judaica has created a piece of Judaica art that can be passed onto your children and one which celebrates the jewish faith and lifestyle.

There are many pieces of Judiaca art to choose from in the collection. The 6cm mezuzah scroll which has been hand written on parchment by a skilled Sofer is in itself a work of art. The prayer is then enclosed in a protective sleeve which snaps onto the back of the mezuzah case. Enclosed is also a short blessing to be recited during the installation and short instructions on how to fix the case to the doorway are included. With rams, fish, branches and doves adorning the mezuzahs, Jewish life and rituals are brought into your home from your doorpost.

Forgotten Judaica warmly invite you to contact them for more information. Call Toll Free on 877 404-1004 or locally on 401 305-6620 or e-mail