Forgotten Judaica

Jewish Mezuzah Art

Judaism is one of the oldest world faiths, going back thousands of years and coinciding with other old world empires such as those of the Egyptians, Assyrians and Babylonians. Judaica is a term used to cover essentially everything relating to the Jewish faith or way of life from old prayer books to posters and figurative objects and is collected either for religious purposes or as a hobby. Forgotten Judaica ( is a store where you can find figurative judaica such as Jewish carpets and Jewish mezuzah art that is reminiscent of the days when craftsmen embellished Jewish ceremonial objects with leaves, vines, pomegranates, sunflowers, rams, squirrels and other wonderful creations of God. These pieces transport the beholder through ancient times when heroes and miracles graced the people offering a keen sense of protection and satisfaction. Forgotten Judaica is the creation of siblings blessed with the love and joy of Jewish life and its rituals and who have been nourished spiritually, who now offer these enthralling experiences to everyone willing to take the journey through Jewish culture and traditions with them.

At you will find captivating figurative judaica inspired by the beauty and poignancy of artisans of the late 18 th, 19 th and early 20 th centuries that awaken the memories and stories of tradition that were once told to you as a child. Browse through the remarkable collection of Carpets of Jerusalem, Chanukah Menorah, Honey Spoon, Passover Seder Plates, Jewish Mezuzah art, Shabbat candlesticks and Kiddush cups, Spice box/Besamin, Star of David Necklace, Tallis Clips, Torah Pointers and Tzedakah box. These beautifully crafted figurative judaica make perfect gifts for a number of occasions while awakening memories of the traditions and rituals that have been loved for many years. Purchase some of the beautiful Jewish mezuzah art for your own doorposts or the exquisite Jewish carpets symbolic of the Jewish faith, bible and historic sites for decorative purposes and a constant reminder of God’s presence.

A mezuzah is a constant reminder of God’s mitzvoth and is placed on the doorposts of homes so that God’s sacred words are always in our minds and hearts. These words are written in a special style of writing on a scroll which is placed inside the mezuzah case and affixed at an angle to the right side of the doorpost. Each time you pass a door with a mezuzah on it, you touch it and kiss the fingers that touched the mezuzah as an expression of love and respect for God. has beautifully crafted Jewish mezuzah art in a number of designs, each symbolic of the spirituality of the Jewish faith. On offer is the 6 cm mezuzah scroll, kosher and hand written on parchment by a skilled Sofer enclosed in a protective sleeve on the back of the mezuzah case which comes in a variety of Jewish mezuzah art designs such as Ephraim’s fish, dove, ram, lion and branch. The lion used in Jewish mezuzah art symbolizes strength while the ram is used for its curled horns; the tree represents life itself while the branch that grows out of the tree represents knowledge gained. Each mezuzah is unique, made of cast bronze and enclosed in a 100% boiled wool keep. Forgotten Judaica offers many unique and beautiful gifts for your home and friends enclosed in a gift box with a sterling silver FJ button and gift card; purchase these figurative judaica and invite spirituality into your home in a beautiful way.


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