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Jewish Gifts

The culture and religion of the Jewish people, Judaism, is one of the oldest religions still practiced in the world today and this centuries-old religion is steeped with beautiful rituals and customs. Lisa Van Allsburg, her sister Laura Babai and their brother David Morrison have traveled Israel, Eastern and Central Europe in search of authentic and fine examples of ancient Judaica. This spiritual quest that they have lovingly dedicated to their Parents, Hilda and Abe Morrison has resulted in the creation of 'Forgotten Judaica'; a Company that offers you a collection of pieces that portrays and celebrates the delight that they have for both Jewish life and the rites and rituals that are synonymous with the Jewish Religion. You will not only find jewish gifts in their beautifully created collection, but many other jewish ceremonial objects as well.

Why was all this research so vital? The items that are produced by Forgotten Judaica are not mass-produced items churned out in an impersonal factory. These pieces are faithfully crafted using age-old techniques by a small, but highly skilled team of artists and sculptors. With an eye for beauty, the attention to detail that you will find on any of our jewish gifts in the collection pays tribute to the original artist's work, upon whom our collection is based and Forgotten Judaica takes great pride in this fact.

Whether you choose a Passover Sedar Plate or a Chanukah Menorah; a Mezuzah or Shabbat Kiddush Cup, these embossed jewish gifts epitomize times gone by and evoke memories of the fine craftsmanship that was employed centuries ago. This was a time when the objects were embellished with vines, leaves and flowers, fishes and doves or rams and branches. Because the Jewish law forbade the use of images of the human form in art, the craftsmen of the time then turned to animal, fruit and vegetable forms. Each item had its own story to tell; a piece of Jewish folklore, a passage from the Torah which ensures that these beautiful and ancient rites and ceremonies are brought to mind when looking at the superb pieces that make up the collection of jewish gifts that Forgotten Judiaca take so much love and pride in creating.

Whether you choose a Shabbat candle that is held by walnuts or a branch mezuzah cover which is cast in bronze, Forgotten Judaica has the perfect jewish gift for you in their collection. The beautifully crafted jewish gifts or ritual objects are crafted in bronze, copper and sterling silver and with generations of experience behind the artisans, every piece reflects both the craftsmanship of yester-year and the patience and skill with which they were crafted today. The entire process is a labor of love and when you receive the finely finished jewish gift that you have ordered from Forgotten Judaica, carefully wrapped in a wool roll-up, we are sure that you will agree. Contact Lisa for more information on the Toll Free number 877 404-1004 or local 401 305-6620 or e-mail her on