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Chanukah Gifts

Judaism has been around for centuries and Chanukah is just one of the many celebrations that are recognized by the Jewish community. If you happen to be looking for any Chanukah gifts then The Forgotten Judaica is the perfect online store for you to browse until you find something that you like.

The Forgotten Judaica not only specializes in Chanukah gifts but also in gifts for bar or bat mitzvahs. Chanukah is celebrated during a dark time of the year and its purpose is to bring light into this dark time. The miracle of the Maccabees is celebrated in the winter time when a small amount of oil burned for eight days. In order to celebrate this, a new candle is lit each night by the shamus. Once the eighth night comes about, the Menorah is fully aglow with this beautiful light. A very popular gift on the site is The Chanukah Chair Menorah which can be purchased in bronze as well as in silver. This makes a lovely gift for a loved one to cherish forever and every time they celebrate this holiday. The team at The Forgotten Judaica has put their creative ideas and religious backgrounds to use to bring you these gifts in honor of the Jewish holidays. All Chanukah gifts can be purchased without having to leave your home as the website was designed for home shopping and total product satisfaction when you do receive your order.

All Chanukah gifts were designed with age old Jewish ceremonial objects in mind. Vines, sunflowers and lions were just some of the objects that were and still are incorporated into gifts. This time of heroes and miracles is meant to bring about feelings of protection and satisfaction. The materials used to make gifts back then are still readily used for the gifts of today. Artists of the Jewish faith are not allowed to make use of the human form in any designs but fruit, vegetables and animals have helped make the items beautiful and eye catching to anyone. Their products represent important events in the Jewish faith, such as a spice box that recalls Abraham's ram, as well as objects that bring Torah into the home. Kiddush cups, Tzedakah boxes, and Torah pointers are all available from this site and represent all that it means to be Jewish. By simply registering as a user on the Forgotten Judaica website, you have the chance to purchase the Chanukah gifts that appeal to you and have them delivered straight to your door. This ancient religion is one that will still be around for years and centuries to come so why not purchase a gift to keep in the family? You will be so pleased with the products that you will immediately recommend them to your family and friends.

Visit Forgotten Judaica at, for Chanukah gifts for you and your family to cherish for a long time. Make the next Chanukah one of the best ones yet.