Forgotten Judaica

Bat Mitzvah Gift

Travelling East and Central Europe and Israel for over ten years the sisters, Lisa van Allsburg and Laura Babai and their brother, David Morrison, visited synagogues, museums and private collections to view the work of master craftsmen of the 14 th century. The beautiful pieces they were privileged to see became the inspiration for the reproductions to be created in the traditional manner of old and added to the Forgotten Judaica collection. All of these lovely pieces can be seen and appreciated by clients wishing to make a special purchase of a gift to be presented to a young girl on the occasion of her Bat mitzvah.

Each of the pieces in the Forgotten Judaica collection will be received with joy and admiration by the now acknowledged adult and carefully stored away to be used in a home of her own in the future. Young women celebrating their Bat mitzvah will start their own collections of the essential items that will be required in a Jewish home and every piece that is selected from the Forgotten Judaica collection will be a replica of those same cherished items that have been used for hundreds of years. A gift which will be used immediately is the lovely Star of David necklace and is sure to be worn with pride on many occasions.

As a Bat mitzvah gift a Mezuzah would be ideal to begin the personal collection of a young woman who will one day wish to proclaim her faith and heritage at the doorway to her home. The Forgotten Judaica Mezuzah scroll is six cenimetres long, handwritten by a skilled Sofer and snaps into a sleeve. The prayer to be recited during installation is included, together with simple installation instructions and nails. No Jewish kitchen would be complete without the spice box from Forgotten Judaica collection. The aroma of orange and lemon peel and cardomon emanating from the Besamin chamber enable the family to close the peaceful Shabbat period before facing the hectic working week to come.

The Forgotten Judaica collection offers a lovely Tzedakah box as a gift for a young woman’s Bat mitzvah gift. Each time she places money into the box the new adult will reflect that charity and service to the community has become one of her new responsibilities. To sweeten this new lifestyle the Forgotten Judaica collection has beautiful honey spoons which make delightful Bat mitzvah gifts. The Shabbat candlesticks and Kiddush Cups are particularly lovely pieces and would make highly acceptable Bat mitzvah gifts.

An amazing Bat mitzvah gift from the Forgotten Judaic collection would be a carpet of Jerusalem depicting historic sites and animals, fruit and vines in lovely colors and evoking memories of events and lives of centuries past. These carpets are woven and hand-knotted by craftsmen who use the highest quality wools and natural dyes. A finely crafted Chanukah menorah to be used for the Festival of Lights will remind the whole family of the winter miracle of the oil lasting for eight days and the heroism of the Maccabees. No gift will be more appreciated and loved than a beautiful Seder plate to be used at Passover to hold the symbols of the triumph of escape, survival and continuity of faith and family.



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